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We are very pleased to introduce our Brand Ambassador 

David Santiago

 After a lifetime of creative pursuits, David launched his design business in 2011 catering to clients who want something special. It has been said that one can always tell when a space has been ‘Santified’ by his signature blending of traditional with the unexpected. With the same vision, David ventured into creating Casa Santi Interior Design furniture as well as a developing his trademark brands "Strictly Santi" which consists of lighting,  wall coverings and furniture. One of his favorite design elements is Wallpaper, which he is known to use regularly, earning him the moniker “Prince of Wallpaper.”  A fun fact about David: he has a degree in classical voice and is an accomplished opera singer who has performed at Lincoln Center, New York City Opera and Carnegie Hall to sold out concerts! Whether staging a design project, serving the design community as a contributing member of IDS, Co-President of IFDA NY,  ISFD or performing, David’s integrity, passion and talent always shine through.

About Us

Manufacturing & Quality

American Brass and Crystal has truly embraced the old world style of manufacturing with masterful artisans putting pure attention to detail into every fixture they create. Our manufacturing facility holds more raw Brass components than any Lighting manufacturer in the world. This allows us to choose from thousands of raw individual castings to personally create the chandelier you chose for your home. This is where the process starts. Each individual component gets hand drilled to the specific crystal layout you have chosen from us.

The raw brass then gets a beautiful hand applied finish before being assembled to your specifications. While your frame is being built, the crystal style you have chosen is being individually pinned to your specific design choice. Every individual piece of crystal gets hand pinned to create the perfect fit for your chandelier. These processes ensure that every fixture gets the mastery and detail you deserve from us. Our manufacturing is designed to produce a true heirloom quality fixture that will be loved by your family for generations.

All of the components used on our fixtures are made of only the finest Italian Brass from the world's most renowned supplier of raw brass. They are located in Brecia Italy, an area known for generations to be masters at casting the most detailed and pure Brass components for manufacturers around the world. They use a dye cast process for the brass which allows them to have the utmost detail produced from each cast mold as well as a more robust and full final cast Brass component. They can produce thousands of castings from each mold all holding the same exquisite detail through and through.

Our crystal is supplied by only the best producers of crystal from around the world. Our precision grade crystal comes from one of the best manufacturers in Egypt, second only to Swarovski in Austria. Our hand cut crystal is produced primarily in Czechoslovakia by artisans who have perfected the hand cut skills needed to produce the most perfect versions of this old world crystal style.